This is a photo of my colored pencil holder that my husband made for me, sort of as a prototype thing, just to see if it works for me. It's in the rough (you can see the knot in the wood). I wanted to see how it would work for me, needing to 'live with it,' for a while.  I wanted to organize my cps better and there (in the photo)  they are organized as Lee Hammond has in her book, "Lifelike Drawing in Colored Pencil with Lee Hammond," in the same color grouping/organizing as she has--warms and cool colors. She uses Prismacolor Colored Pencils in all her colored pencil books.

I got the basic idea of this kind of wooden cp organizer/holder from Rachel Shingleton's blog, "Pencil Shavings", after doing some Googling for DIY pencil holders. She tells how she acquired her similiar wooden cp holder, which came from her uncle who had passed on, who had been a avid woodworker. 

Thought I could use the same idea but to Lee's color organizing layout instead, according to the color chart she uses in the book, with a few more rows added for other colors and blenders, etc. to the right on the holder. Right now, it's sitting on a bookshelf, to the right of my drawing table, within arms reach. The vacant holes are for colors I haven't been able to find locally yet, in brick and mortar art/craft stores. Dick Blick Art Supply will probably help me fill most of the rest of the vacant holes to complete my full set. My extras of more often used colors that I have are put away in a nearby draw.

I like the idea so far. But time and actual drawing will tell me how it works for me and about any improvments needed. I've been itching to do some colored pencil drawings, not just graphite. Hence, new cp holder.

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That is so cool, Jill...and aren't you lucky to have a handy husband.  I have so darned many colored pencils that I would probably need 5 of those to store them all.  Still, I like the idea on a smaller scale for my graphite pencils.  My hubs is handy too, so I think I'll show him this pic.  Thanks for sharing!

You are very welcome!  So far, I'm liking my new pc holder. But yeah, absolutely, your hubby can do the same for you, according to the thickness of your pencils. Even mechanical pencils, too.  This could even be made to work with brushes and other art tools, with some experimenting on a practice piece of wood. I've even seen someone use a wood slab of wood with the bark still on, for just a handful of pencils.

Good to have handy hubbys isn't it, that will make things that can help our lives be a little easier in our art worlds?  But, I gotta say that if someone doesn't have a hub or know of someone who's handy, they can do this themselves.  Mine is a 2" X 6" measuring about 17".  He tried a practice little piece to get the pencil hole size, distance between each and depth right for me and my cps. Then I when he was done drilling all those holes. I sanded the edges, holes and sides smooth, with sandpaper. Done! 


IM LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE GARAGE!!!!  My hubby is VERY handy!! He can make or fix anything. I love it. he has made a tree to hang all my birdhouses on for my craft shows and a shelf to slide all my journals in. of course all measured and perfect and of course painted. lol. I love this idea!! I also had hubby make me a table top easel of sorts. Its just a block of wood but has both straight and slanted grooves in it if i want to just do like an 8x10 painting i can do it tabletop. Plus he made a bunch for me for my shows for my altered frames. arent we lucky gals?? And mine is handsome to boot!!

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