Welcome to March's theme. Artwork and comments welcome from everyone!!!!

March's theme is- Sky lines thanks to Sandra

The theme is open to all artists whatever your medium. Please post your finished artwork in this discussion thread. These should be new pieces completed this month. You have until 31st March to submit here and then I will close the thread.

Please remember to use the picture icon above text box to add images and not the attachment below. (Click here for instructions on how to add an image to your forum post.) If you want to comment on someone's submission please do so here.If you have suggestions for themes, please click to this thread.

I can't wait to see how you interpret this - abstract, realistic, collage etc... so many opportunities for all. Sue

PS Sorry this is late, I'm very busy working towards an exhibition.

PPS @M. Lillian Hughes - any type of skyline, city, country, imaginary... is fine.

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Skyline -- other worlds -- a wonderful adventure !


NYC Skyline....color pencil, black canvas, skyline.


Skyline screamed big city and New York to me.  Watercolor paper with Gesso, acrylic paints, pen, distress inks, old book pages, ribbon, glitter

Great skylines Jeffery, Theresa, Julie & Bill. I like how you have all got a different style to interpret the theme.

Greg Guise said:


Kansas isn't ALL flat.


This is beautiful, I sure miss those buildings. I remember seeing them for the first time, they were so massive. We went up the Empire State building I took picks of them. Not knowing, thinking, believing them would ever be gone. 

Theresa Graeve said:


NYC Skyline....color pencil, black canvas, skyline.

Jeffrey:  thank you for sharing your wonderful other worlds skyline.  who would have thought that there's that much going on in another galaxy far far away lol!

Theresa: what could be more beautiful than the NYC skyline at night?!  You captured this beautifully.

Julie: a great whimsical little skyline painting - I love it!

Bill:   my favorite thing about this piece is that little plane coming towards the viewer!  that totally took me by surprise and I really like that in any painting.  great job!

Greg: this is stunning!  how large is this piece and is this skyline from your imagination or an actual place?

These bluffs are a real place. The monument was 3'6" long. Thanks!


New York Skyline :)



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