Portfolio of the Week: Cheri Homaee (posted November 21, 2011)

Welcome once again to the Portfolio of the Week!  

Our latest spotlight is on artist Cheri Homaee, whose sensitive approach to the visual depiction of dance and music, as well as still life and portraiture, makes for a pleasing collection of artworks.  We hope you'll enjoy reading what Cheri was able to share about herself.     

You can view Cheri's gallery via this link:

Our interview with Cheri:

What is your favorite medium and why?
My favorite medium is Charcoal.  I basically just learned how to use charcoal, I thought it was too messy, but after taking a class in it, I really love it, and I am planning a new series next year in just charcoal.  I love the deep rich blacks. 

How long have you been an artist?
I think all my life, but professionally selling work I have been at this for about 4 years. 

How did you learn to draw/paint (self-taught, school, lessons, etc)?
Mostly self-taught, I think I have always drawn.  I had the same art teacher in grade school and high school.  We worked in a lot of mediums.  I took photography in college.  I am now taking classes in the local colleges to learn new techniques.  I also take online courses.

Who or what has influenced your art?
My fine art photography is often compared to Andrew Wyeth's work.  I love Degas, Sargent, Tissot and Michael Parkes.

What inspires you?
I get my inspirations from television, movies and music.

How do you make time for art?
I try to do something that has to do with art every day.  Even if I have to stay up late at night.  Drawing, painting, photography, taking a lesson, going to class, and marketing my work.

Who are your favorite artists?
Basically the same people who inspire me.  Wyeth, Degas, Sargent, Tissot and Parkes.

What is your favorite subject matter and why?
Dance is my favorite subject.  I wanted to be a dancer, and I took lessons in college.  I love the freedom when you dance, how you can express yourself through the movements.

What's the best art advice anyone has ever given you?
My mom always told me "Nothing beats a failure but a try."  I will always try, it's very hard for me to give up on anything I want to do.

Do you have any tips or advice for your fellow artists?
Don't give up.  Some days it is tough.  You get bad critiques, you just can't get a painting or drawing like you want it, or you receive rejection letters from galleries or juried competitions, and you're really feeling like just chucking everything.  These things happen to mostly everyone so you just let it go, do something else then come back the next day and try again.  If you really like what you are doing, don't let others discourage you.  I was told once to stick to photography!

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Wow, fantastic interview, Cheri! Thanks so much for sharing. This is so inspiring. I can't imagine the loss if you HAD stuc to photogrpahy - because I love those pears in particualr, and photography often can't capture a subject in the way that great painting can.

Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us Cheri. I believe we could do well with a "Don't Give Up" group for aspiring artists! I believe that your work underscores this hopeful message. I was a ballerina once, a very long time ago, and I feel the love of ballet in your work. I am especially drawn to the black and white. A perfect moment caught in time!

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