Is there anyone here who has used a wide variety of colored markers and can tell me if any are really better and/or longer lasting than any others. For instance, on my budget I can afford Sharpies and Bics, but I've always longed for the expensive professional sets because of the greater color selection. Is greater color selection the only advantage to the expensive markers?

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Hi Grace, I do stipple, and pointillism, I dont know what type of work you do yet as Im new here. The colored markers I like are Micron, they come in .005 on up to some big lines, I pretty much stick with the .005 as I do very detailed stuff, and find I have much better control with a tiny dot. They have lasted me a LONG time. They dont seem to bleed much, and I could although I dont, use a wash over them and they would stay put. The colors available are nice, but limited, as far as getting them from a Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby as open stock, but you can blend with them, at least in pointillism. I think I have about 10 colors, but Im sure there are more.    :O)

Grace, whilst some of the more expensive sets do have better quality and longer lasting nibs, I used to find that it was the paper I was using that determined how long and how well a pen lasted. eg cartridge soaks up the ink. I studied graphics and we had a full set of 50 chisel-pointed markers (sorry can't remember the brand) and I found that I rarely used even half of them. Maybe buy a few mid-range pens in the colours you are most likely to use - red, blue etc - and supplement with the cheaper ones?


Like LeAnn I do fine pen work now and my favourite are Staedtlar and I like the coloured pens too. You definitely get more value paying more AND using a smooth surface paper.


Hope this helps.

I use micron too 05

I'm a Sharpie nut for black only. I don't do much coloring with markers, but I have tried every pen out there and I still go back to my black sharpies or old fashion ink in a bottle.

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