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Sorry I am new to this and that came out much bigger than I expected lol. This pattern is made on the computer using paint would you consider this art?  The same pattern coloured up different ways have different effects.  I draw the same type of patterns by hand too .... they are one continuous line!  What do you think artistic or just doodles?


I consider any work that originates in the mind and results in a finished piece, 'art'.  That fact that you've created this on the computer does not, to my mind, take away from it's originality.  I think it's very cool.  This would make awesome wallpaper.  I'd love to have one wall in my office covered with this design.  Good work!

Like Karyn, I feel that the fact that you  took the time to create this makes it a piece of art.  I would love to see this once you draw it up and color it!

Definitely art!  I'd love to see it with color too. 

Oh yes, this is art!  This is great.  I like the different sizes of the shapes - it adds variety to the piece.  I agree with others that this would look great with color.  You must have a lot of patience to have created this on the computer using the Paint program!  Did you draw this using your mouse or with a graphics tablet?  It's amazing that this is one continuous line!

Wow thank you I am glad you all like them, I have loads and spend hours making them.  I use my finger on the mouse pad on the laptop and draw whilst watching telly.  It keeps me calm and stops me thinking too much.  Thaneeya what is a graphics tablet ? It would be good to find an easier way to draw them because paint isn't ideal.  It's difficult to get smooth lines on paint. :)



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