I have recently begin art journalling and I am really enjoying it. I have always kept a journal, but now that I have a more dedicated visual diary I am finding that it opens up new possibilities. I have an A5 sized spiral bound journal that I carry in my bag, and a pack of black art pens. I haven't started adding colour yet, because it seems too much additional art stuff to lug about. The amount that I carry now still keeps things portable.

I am enjoying being able to reach into my bag in waiting rooms, while at the beach, in a cafe, waiting for meetings to start, or wherever I am, and adding to the visual diary. I find myself now looking for things to add to it, which makes me feel a little like a visual beach-comber.

At present I am fascinated by shapes and shadow, and I am enjoying recording them in my journal, whether the shapes of pepperpots in a cafe or the shapes of waves at the beach. I find myself recording things in ink that I would never think to photograph. So this has given me another whole new way of looking at life. Wonderful and refreshing!

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Thank you Meg! You are so good for me in this time of insanity! I am about to teach a blogging for business class, then home. Didn't sleep much last night. I am so grateful I have art and good friends and a guy who keeps everything warm and light at home. I have certainly seen worse business situations and I know that in two months this one will be behind me. One step at a time!
Indeed, one step at a time. Sometimes that's what you have to concentrate on. Big hugs to you, Suzanne!

what a gorgeous bird! We have two woodpeckers that live close to our house, one having a flaming red head abd the other is a beautiful blue color. I didn't realize how large these birds got until I spotted one the other day sitting on the trunk of one of our large oaks! I stayed frozen in my tracks for several minutes while he went about his morning breakfast. I hear the all during the day right now, just pecking away, lol! We live in a log cabin on 6 acres of oak  trees, and so we have lots of wildlife show up-raccoons, opossums, deer, even the occasional skunk and wild hog! I love living out in the country for all of the beautiful inspiration I am surrounded with each day.

Sounds gorgeous, Laura. Nice to have you back by the way. I was going to a client's house the other day and saw 2 eastern rosella's flying out of her yard. Beautiful green and red birds. Quite stunning. Not native to NZ, but to Australia. They do tend to compete with our native birds for berries, but they are beautiful to look at!



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