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Today, I made my first ATC for the atc swap "Everything Asian," theme.  Not sure if I like this atc but, it got those creative juices flowing and I'm geared up to do the next one!  Have some of you started/finished your atc's yet? 

I like this Susanne, I think you are off to a good start.I love Elephants, and I love the warm sun behind him. What medium did you use.

The red/black pattern on the elephant/lettering = textured paper I had for collage work.  I cut it and glued it to a lightweight atc sized cardboard piece. Then a silhouette of an elephant was cut out from a thin tan coloured construction paper and afterwards that was glued on top of the red/black patterned paper.  Just left as is looked too dull to me, so I added the brightly coloured layers with chalk pastel. Since this ended up being a highly textured piece I knew I wanted a sun but I didn't want to just paint something in.  It would have appeared too flat.  So while I was thinking about the next step I took down one of my paint trays to the kitchen sink as it had dried up acrylic paint in it.  When I lifted up one of the solid round acrylic pieces from the tray, I thought that it would be perfect as the sun lol!  So the sun that you like so much is a blob of acrylic paint entirely NOT of my making.  Funny how art evolves on its own sometimes.  How are your atc's coming along Maureen?  I find researching all these countries distracting and exciting at the same time.  I want to paint everything!


Susanne that's awesome that you "found" the perfect sun! I haven't started my Asian ATcs. Although seeing you has put a spark in me to get started. I'll be out of town for the weekend so hopefully next week I'll still remember my ideas LOL . As for researching I'm always checking out certain art sites and I find everything distracting. Some people have a certain thing they are good at or a certain style,I'm just all over the place. Sometimes I wonder if one day something will click. Have a great weekend,and I hope all is well.

Looks good, Susanne! I love hearing about how this ATC came about.  I like the contrast of the elephant/lettering against the vibrant background. I look forward to seeing how your other ATCs turn out!  

I started my Asian ATCs.  So far they are mostly collage, using decorative origami paper and pages from a Japanese textbook that I picked up for 25 cents at a book sale.  At this point I'm not sure how they'll turn out, but it's fun to play around with possibilities! 

When I finish, should I post them here, or let them be a surprise?

very striking, Susanne!!!! Love the colors you have used!

Maureen:  I hope you are having a fantastic weekend and I'm sure the rest will give you some refreshing new ideas.  Your last atc's were amazing and so I am confident that you'll come up with something deliciously creative!  Thanks for all your comments on my first Everything Asian atc.

Thaneeya: I love decorative origami paper so I bet your collage atc's are going to look great!  Book sales are good for picking up interesting collage material.  If you want to post one of your finished atc's for inspiration that would be great but, let's keep the others a surprise.  I do take photos of all the atc's that arrive so eventually everyone will see what came in for this swap.  Thank you for all your encouragement Thaneeya!

Laura: I'm glad you like my atc.  It really was one of those happy accidents lol!  I do hope you maybe have time to join us for this swap Laura?  But like I said no pressure.  If it turns out that you will have three atc's to contribute to the swap I'm sure everyone will be delighted!

I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and that you'll have time to play in your art rooms!

It appears that everyone received their atc's from the April swap.  So as promised here is the atc gallery from the last exchange.  I look very forward to see what the Asian Theme will bring!


Wow Susanne, thanks so much for posting all these!!  They look fantastic.  I love the diversity of images here. 

This makes me very excited about our upcoming Asian-themed ATC Swap, as well as all our future swaps!

Do you plan to post the images from all of our swaps like this?

Susanne Skene said:

It appears that everyone received their atc's from the April swap.  So as promised here is the atc gallery from the last exchange.  I look very forward to see what the Asian Theme will bring!


Hello Thaneeya,

Glad to hear that you like the TAC ATC Gallery.  Yes, I plan to always post images from our swaps.  I think it's inspiring for everyone and it may just coax a few artists out of hiding so that they may want to join us in the future.  It's such a pleasure organizing these swaps.  I loved handling all the atc's and seeing them up close.  So much gets lost in photos - things like texture and colour.  It's great that you are so enthusiastic about this swap.  I am too and I can't wait for them to arrive in the mail!


Hello Sharon!  ALL Atc's are in the mail now.  Half went on Friday and the other half first thing this morning.  I will post the entire May ATC gallery in two weeks time.  The day I post them will be in fact the deadline for atc's to be at least postmarked for the Land Down Under Theme. 

It was a pleasure looking at your atc's up close Sharon.  It would be great if you would consider doing a write up with pictures on how you hand carve stamps sometime! 

Hope you are having a great day ...



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