Okay, there is an exhibit locally that I'd like to enter some pieces in.  They say that the entries must be 300dpi.  I have no idea what that means, how to find out what my photos are, or how to fix it if they are not the right dpi.  Also, how to adjust the size. I read somewhere online that if you change the dip (whatever that is and however one does it), it will change the size of the image.  And the prospectus also has a digital image size requirement.  I am lost.  It is frustrating to be right brained, and in order to show your work, need to be left brained!

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Oops!  I type right brained, too.  I meant dpi, not dip!

Haha. No, you don't have to be left brained, you just need a few tips. This thread explains a good deal.

 If you don't have a photo editing program, Paint.net is a FREE one and very user friendly. I also use Photoshop, but I actually prefer Paint.net. You can adjust the size of your image in this program.  If you need tutorials, just ask me! :D

I think photos are taken at 300 dpi but if you crop it, the dpi will change. There is free software that you can download.  Google has picasso.  It will tell you the Resolution(dpi) of the image. Go to the menu and select > Picture> Properties and on the right side will list the properties of the image.  Scroll down to find the X resolution and the Y resolution.  That will tell you if it's 300 or not.

dpi means dots per inch as Thaneeya told me. ask Thaneeya.

The number of dpi or the quality of resolution depends upon the individual camera. You need to check yours and see what it shoots at.  A scanner also can be set for high res.  But don't assume that every camera shoots at 300, because they don't.  You have to check.

As a digital artist, I can tell you that cropping won't affect the dpi, or ppi- pixels per inch. The changing of the resolution is done within the graphic program- you have to go and resize that yourself. You can have a photo that is 2" x2" at 300 dpi, and an identical copy that is 8"x8" at 300dpi. So cropping only changes the inches, not the pixels.

Sorry I did make a mistake on the cropping of an image.


It is normal to think that, Cheryl. I didn't know til I began working in this way! No worries. :D It is just a new "lingo" that once you get the hang of it, it isn't so intimidating.

No problem.  I have been working with photoshop since 2003 and never notice if the values changed or not, I cropped something a couple of weeks ago and my dpi changed.  So that is why I thought it affected it. But I could have pulled it in at the dpi and just didn't notice.


Thank you to all of you!  Now I've got to figure out how to find out what my camera's resolution is.  It's a Kodak Easy Share.  Anyone know offhand what it shoots at, or how I go about finding out?  Or my scanner?  I'm such an ignoramus, and my husband isn't any better at this aspect of it all (photo stuff)

I have a kodak easyshare here is a good tutorial on Kodak site so you can understand http://www.kodak.com/global/en/service/training/pcb1_chapter07.jhtml


Sure do! Just got one a few months ago! It shoots at 480 pixels per inch! So, you are set in that respect. Shoot away, and if you need help with editing, let me know via email or PM here. :D

What a fabulous HELPFUL discussion everyone! I have been out of town on a family emergency and just came back to check in...found this and had to stop in to say THANK YOU for doing such a great job answering what can be a very confusing question! ; >



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